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Trang to Koh Ngai

By Satun Pakbara Speed Boat Club
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09:30 Trang, Pak Meng Pier


20 mins


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09:50 Koh Ngai, Beach Jetty


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Cancellation Policy

Booking changes or cancellations must be made up to 24 Hours before your departure date. However, Round-trip tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded after the first trip's cancellation deadline.


  • We will be allowed without penalty if written notice is made over 24 Hours prior to departure. However amendment is subject to availability and new rates may apply.
  • Any amendment resulting in lower rates or less number of passenger is subject to 5% surcharge of the difference figure between total amounts less the amended amount.

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Things to Know

  • Please arrive prior to your trip's departure time no later than 30 minutes for the domestic trip and 1 hour 30 minutes for the international trip. If you are too late, your ticket will be expired and can not be Refunded & Changed.
  • You can check in with e-ticket on mobile or device. Please make sure you check in with the right operator you booked with.
  • Time stated is only for estimation. The actual time schedule is subject to change without prior notice due to unpredictable weather conditions and fortuitous events.
  • The price does not include entrance fee and any additional fees and surcharges.
  • Each passenger is allowed of baggage shall not weigh more than 20kg.
  • IMPORTANT: If one way ticket was used or the date and time specified on the ticket passed already, it cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  • Connecting Flights: The Company is a point to point carrier and we do not take responsibility for delays or connecting flight.
  • No pets allowed.
  • INFANTS are NOT allowed on speedboat.
  • The Speedboat trip is not suitable for pregnant women, children, people with heart or back problems, or other physical impediments.
  • CHECK IN POINT: at Jarawee Tour Office at Pak Meng Pier
  • Speedboat will drop passenger off at Sea Open Diving office

Trip Information

Unlock the Wonders of Trang: Pak Meng Pier and Beyond


Embark on a great journey through Trang, a hidden gem nestled in Southern Thailand. It starts at the vibrant and bustling Pak Meng Pier. This pier is much more than just a transit point. It serves as a gateway to the islands scattered across the Andaman Sea. Among these are the beautiful Koh Mook (also known as Koh Muk) and the tranquil Koh Kradan. There are also the unspoiled Koh Libong, and the stunning Koh Ngai. As you venture further, prepare to be captivated by the serene beaches. Each has their unique charm. Crystal-clear waters invite you to dive into an underwater paradise. The vibrant culture of Trang reflects a blend of local customs and traditions. This region is a treasure trove for adventurers and nature lovers alike. It offers a lot of activities ranging from snorkeling and scuba diving to exploring the local markets. You can also sample the exquisite local cuisine. Your journey through Trang is not just a vacation. It is an immersive experience into a world of natural beauty and cultural richness.

Pak Meng Pier and Pak Meng Beach:

Pak Meng Pier, situated in the bustling area of Trang, stands as the epicenter of local life and activity. This lively pier is not just a place for catching boats to the nearby islands; it's a cultural hub where locals and visitors converge. As you await your boat, the pier area tempts you with an array of local delicacies. It is time to taste the famous dim sum. Street vendors and small eateries line the area, each offering a taste of Trang's rich culinary heritage.

Just a short walk from the pier, you'll find Pak Meng Beach. It is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil retreat away from the hustle and bustle. The beach is renowned for its picturesque scenery. It features soft, white sands and the gentle lapping of waves, creating a peaceful ambiance. It's an ideal spot to relax and rejuvenate before embarking on your island adventures. Here, you can bask in the sun or take leisurely strolls along the shore. Or simply enjoy the stunning sunset views that paint the sky in hues of orange and pink.

Pak Meng Beach also serves as a gateway to the nearby islands. It makes it an excellent starting point for exploring the natural wonders of the Andaman Sea. Whether you're looking to unwind in a serene environment or eager to begin an island-hopping adventure, Pak Meng Pier and Beach offer the perfect blend of cultural immersion and natural beauty. The area encapsulates the spirit of Trang, providing visitors with an authentic Thai coastal experience.

Island Adventures:

From Pak Meng Pier, set sail to the stunning Koh Mook, home to the awe-inspiring Morakot (Emerald) Cave. This hidden lagoon, accessible by swimming through a cave, offers an unforgettable experience. Koh Kradan, a short distance away, is perfect for romantic getaways. You will love its pristine beaches and crystal waters ideal for snorkeling.

Explore the laid-back Koh Libong and the idyllic Koh Ngai, each with their unique charm. The Andaman Sea's islands are a must-visit, offering diverse experiences from tranquil relaxation to exciting adventures.

Additional Attractions in Trang:

Trang is home to several other attractions. Such as the Thung Khai Botanic Garden, a serene spot for nature enthusiasts. Visit the historic Kantang Railway Station to experience a piece of Thailand's railway heritage. For a unique local experience, try riding in a frog head tuk-tuk, an exciting way to explore the streets of Trang.

The night markets in Trang are vibrant and bustling, perfect for sampling street food and shopping for souvenirs. The "Dragon’s Belly" area is particularly famous for its lively atmosphere and diverse culinary offerings. It makes it a must-visit for food lovers.


Visiting Trang and starting your journey from Pak Meng Pier opens up a world of exploration in Southern Thailand. Whether seeking adventure, romance, or cultural experiences, this region offers a diverse and captivating array of attractions.

Things to Know:

Best Time to Visit: The optimal time to visit Pak Meng Pier and its surrounding areas is from November to April.

Transport Options: Access Pak Meng Pier via local buses, taxis, or the unique frog head tuk-tuks.

Boat Schedules: Regular boat services to islands like Koh Mook, Koh Kradan, and others, with varying schedules depending on the season.

Local Cuisine: Don't miss trying the local dim sum and other seafood specialties.

Safety Tips: Always check weather conditions and follow local safety guidelines for a safe trip.

Speed Boat: Pak Meng Pier - Beach Jetty

Koh Ngai Beach Jetty: The Doorway to Andaman's Wonders


Do you recall those moments when you felt close to nature? When every little sound or sight made you feel alive and in awe? That's the magic Koh Ngai Beach Jetty promises every visitor. Here, the vast Andaman Sea doesn't just flow; it narrates tales of distant adventures and hidden treasures. Close your eyes and feel the soft, warm sand under your feet. It's like nature's own carpet, inviting you to step further and explore. And every chirp, rustle, or wave seems to be part of a tropical symphony that's playing just for you. Standing at Koh Ngai Beach Jetty, get ready for some amazing adventures on Koh Ngai and other nearby places. But remember, this jetty isn't just where you start. It's a special place all on its own. It's the beginning chapter of a story filled with amazement, beauty, and memories. So, are you ready to turn the page?


In the middle of the sea, there's a lovely island called Koh Ngai. Many also know it as Koh Hai. Koh Ngai Jetty might look like just a simple place to start. But it's really the door to a magical island, like something from a storybook. Even though it's small, only 4 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide, it's full of big surprises. Koh Ngai is packed with beautiful things to see. There's the shiny sand, tall trees, and colorful fish swimming in the sea. This tiny island has so much to offer. If you love adventures or just want a quiet place, Koh Ngai has something special for everyone.

Koh Ngai is a special spot in the sea. It's like a picture from a postcard. The beach has soft sands and waves that gently touch the shore. Koh Ngai is a peaceful spot where you can really connect with nature. You can sit and listen to birds singing their songs. The trees move gently with the breeze, and if you're lucky, you might see a playful monkey having fun. It's a place that lets you enjoy the simple joys of nature and take a break from the busy world.

When it comes to places to stay, there's a whole bunch to choose from! If you're looking for somewhere fancy, you might like the Thapwarin Resort. It's a big place with lots of comfortable rooms and things to do. There's also the Thanya Beach Resort, another great spot to relax. It's like living in a dream with all the comforts you could want. But if you're someone who likes cozy little places, the Coco Cottage is perfect. It's warm, friendly, and close to nature.

But guess what? There's more! You really like to be out in nature and have a bit of an adventure? We can present you a special Koh Ngai camping spot. It's called the "Light My Fire Society". Imagine sleeping under the stars, telling stories around a campfire, and just enjoying the simple things in life.

So, no matter what kind of trip you're dreaming of. Koh Ngai offers many ways to stay, from fancy hotels to simple camping. Whatever you choose, you'll find something perfect for you there. Koh Ngai is a place like no other. Koh Phi Phi has busy streets and modern stuff. But Koh Ngai is different. It's calm and natural, like stepping back to a simpler time. The island boasts a calming ambiance. Here, there are no busy roads or big piers. This makes the place feel even more special and old-fashioned.

However, this very charm requires visitors to make some preparations. The lack of modern docking facilities means travelers often have to coordinate with smaller, more traditional transfer boats. This becomes particularly crucial during the high tide when the sea's rise makes navigation trickier. Additionally, the high season, which spans from November to April, sees a significant influx of tourists. During these months, planning ahead and ensuring proper arrangements for these transfer boats becomes even more essential.

Koh Ngai might not have all the new things that bigger places do. But its pure and natural beauty is something special that you can't find anywhere else. Just remember to plan ahead, especially when it comes to traveling during high tide and the peak tourist season.

From the serene Koh Ngai Beach Jetty, numerous exciting destinations await the eager traveler. Whether you're keen on a short day trip or an extended getaway, options abound. The notable stops are Koh Phi Phi, Koh Mook, Koh Kradan and Koh Lanta. These islands are renowned for their pristine beaches and rich culture. Setting off from the pier, your journey promises a world of exploration, making every trip a memorable adventure.

Koh Phi Phi is like a beautiful treasure found in the Andaman Sea. Many travelers dream about visiting this place. It's known for its very clear blue waters where you can see lots of colorful fish and other sea creatures. Many people also love the lively parties and fun events that happen there at night. During the day, you can ride on boats called longtail boats to see hidden caves. Or you can chill at big hotels with pools to swim in. No matter what you choose to do, Koh Phi Phi always has something special to show you.

Not far from Koh Ngai, there's another lovely island called Koh Mook. This island is quieter and gives you a calm feeling. One of the most magical places on Koh Mook is the Emerald Cave. It's a must-visit because of its glowing green water and mysterious feeling. Besides that, there are adventures like looking at the beautiful coral reefs underwater. If you like quiet beaches more than busy ones, Koh Mook is the place for you. With its gentle waves and natural beauty, it's a place where you can truly relax and feel close to nature.

When you're out exploring islands, there's one special place you should definitely check out: Koh Kradan. This island has really clean beaches that sparkle under the sun and waters so clear, you can see right through them. If you enjoy looking at fish and underwater things by snorkeling, you'll really like Koh Kradan. The water is clear, and there are many colorful fish and plants to see. It's like a big, beautiful aquarium in nature.

Even though lots of people go to places like Koh Phi Phi, not as many know Koh Kradan. This means it's quieter and feels more peaceful. Imagine lying on a soft beach, listening to the gentle waves, with fewer people around. It's like having a beautiful island almost all to yourself! If you're looking for a calm, beautiful getaway, Koh Kradan is the perfect spot to add to your journey.

Last but not least, Koh Lanta. Koh Lanta is a captivating island in the Andaman Sea, celebrated for its diverse landscapes and laid-back atmosphere. It boasts a series of pristine beaches that transition from soft sands to dense, lush jungles teeming with wildlife. The island is a blend of culture and nature, with traditional Thai villages coexisting harmoniously with modern resorts and eateries. Travelers love the calm feel of the island. Many like to snorkel and dive to see underwater things. Others prefer just to relax. They sit at cafes by the beach. And they enjoy watching the sunset. It's a place with many choices for everyone. Koh Lanta is a haven for those seeking both adventure and tranquility. It makes it a must-visit on any Thai island-hopping itinerary.


Standing on Koh Ngai Beach Jetty, you're at the crossroads of numerous adventures. From the small island charm of Koh Ngai to the bustling vibes of Koh Phi Phi, the choices are plenty. Add to that the allure of Koh Mook's caves and Koh Kradan's underwater treasures. Then, you've got a trip that promises endless memories. As the tide of the Andaman Sea rises and falls, remember that with every visit, Koh Ngai Beach Jetty offers a fresh tale waiting to be lived.

Things to Know:

Koh Ngai remains untouched by ATMs. Bring sufficient cash.

The best times to explore are during the high season.

Always coordinate your boat transfers well in advance.

Koh Ngai's wildlife is precious. Observe, don't disturb.

Check the tide schedules, especially during the rainy season, for safe trips to Koh Ngai and beyond.