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Trang Train Station Information

Trang Train Station

Trang Train Station: A Portal to Thailand's Railway Journeys


Since opening in 1913, Trang Train Station has been a key part of Thailand's railway system. It attracts visitors with its distinct French architecture. The State Railway of Thailand runs Trang Train Station. It's located in Thap Thiang, right in the center of the Mueang Trang district.

It is more than merely a train station. It's a pivotal start to numerous adventures. It is equipped with facilities and kiosks for buying train tickets and indulging in local delicacies before boarding.

Easily accessible taxis ensure swift travel to nearby lodging. The State Railway of Thailand runs Trang Train Station. It's situated in Thap Thiang, right in the center of the Mueang Trang district.

The station provides a variety of train services. It offers key train routes to popular destinations. From this station, destinations like Bangkok, Sam Sen, Kantang, Thung Song, and Nakhon Si Thammarat are accessible.


The area surrounding Trang Train Station buzzes with life. Taxis are easy to find and can take passengers to different places. Within the station, passengers purchase their train tickets. They have to choose what type of class sleeper they want and, most importantly, where they are going.

Trang Town is a gem in Southern Thailand. It perfectly captures the essence of Southern Thailand's unique charm. Trang Train Station, consequently, is not just a stopover; it's the beginning of myriad rail adventures across the country.

You can choose a sleeper train for comfort or a standard class for economy. Each option offers its own unique experiences, especially the well-known train ride from Bangkok to Hua Lamphong.

The allure of Bangkok is unique with its bustling streets. Destinations like Hua Hin offer a serene coastal retreat, easily reachable from Hua Lamphong station. Other areas, such as Sam Sen and Thung Song, offer a mix of cultural heritage and natural beauty.


Trang Railway Station stands as a fundamental part of the State Railway of Thailand. It's more than a station; it's a starting point for exploring the diverse trains in Thailand. From the activity of buying tickets to choosing between class sleeper options, every trip here is distinctive. Passengers can opt for a comfortable ride on the special express or adventure into the unknown on the north eastern line.

You really should take the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, it's a fantastic trip. Also, a lot of people love the Nong Khai train route. Each trip, whether it leads to the lively ambiance of Bangkok or the calm shores of Hua Hin, is significant. After all, the experiences you collect along the way are just as memorable as the destinations you visit.

Things to Know:

Trang Train Station, originally established by the French, is currently operated by the State Railway of Thailand.

It's busiest during July and August, perfect for experiencing the vibrant local atmosphere.

Newcomers to Thailand's train systems have a range of options, from 3rd class seats to sleeper trains.

The station offers extensive train services, ensuring connectivions to a host of destinations across Thailand.

Direct routes from Trang open the door to coastal wonders like Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

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