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20 Best Things to Do in Koh Samui

20 Best Things to Do in Koh Samui
9 January 2018

Koh Samui is certainly a beautiful gem in Thailand and now it has become the most famous one in this Asian country. There are many things to do on this wonderful island due to the fact that it hosts a large number of the most famous beaches all around Thailand.

All these beaches are stunning with their palm trees and crystal water in a tropical relaxing environment. Because of its appeal, Koh Samui is visited by all the people around the world from the most famous Hollywood celebrities to the curious backpackers. Here, we are going to list some of the best things that you can do in a one day tour around the island.

Remember, there is always something for everyone in this amazing place. Here you can find the international cuisine and of course, the Thai local gastronomy places to enjoy the night like bars, discotheques, restaurants as well as clubs with great options to find what we are looking for at all prices and for all tastes.

And for those who are looking for something different like architecture or religion, there is much to see, too, The Big Buddha temple is the number one or Ang Thong Marine National Park for those who love nature. If you think about visiting Koh Samui, go for it! As it’s definitely a great decision.

Must See Number One. Big Buddha

Big Buddha represents the most famous and best-known landmarks on the island and it is located on a tiny rocky island just outside on the north-eastern corner of Koh Samui. When you are arriving in Koh Samui this is the first landmark-statue that you see from above, even from some kilometers far away due to its impacting location. This is the most famous landmark here and its local name is Wat Phra Yay and you can get there through a causeway. This Buddha is made of gold and is 12-meter height in a seated position named Mara that represents the time when Buddha was fighting and neglecting all temptations by meditating and keeping calm. Finally, he subdued all this danger and temptations thrown or thrust upon him. His posture represents all that; the enlightenment, the purity and the steadfastness with his Mara posture, his right hand’s finger facing down and his left hand’s palm up showing serenity. In this temple, you can see that there are some stalls where they exhibit food and some amulets that are worth seeing. This Koh Samui’s Buddha was built in the early seventies specifically in 1972 and nowadays it’s a symbol that became the most famous and visited attraction on Koh Samui. Pay it a visit, it also has many things to see around.

Big Buddha

Must See Number Two. Ang Thong National Park

This a perfect paradise for those who are looking for adventures in the forest and mountains, it is a virgin protected pristine archipelago that covers an area of 100 square kilometers of land and sea with 42 islands in Thailand’s Golf. Here you can observe a variety of exotic creatures and rich wildlife as well as sea fish. Besides that, it features hidden coves as well as lakes to explore, as if that were enough, we can find towering mountains, thick jungles, and small hidden beaches with soft white sand. Ang National Park’s headquarter has a small restaurant, and for those who want to stay for a night; there are bungalows and tents available for a wild night in the forest. This is a paradise spot with that tropical environment perfect for that postcard image of a faraway paradise. Although this park is so visited lately, it still has its virgin surrounding perfect to practice these sports loved by the majority of young people who admire Koh Samui like diving, kayaking, hiking, and snorkeling or simply take a walk to some waterfalls and relax drinking something special like coconut water. Waterfalls, palm trees, tropical forest, good food, exotic cocktails and more are waiting for you there.

Must See Number Three. Fisherman’s Village Samui

Fisherman’s Village is located on the Bophut in Koh Samui. It was the home of a fishing community that nowadays represents a historical part of Bophut. Although, many fishermen have moved on and the pier has been changed somehow, the shop constructions still remains forming narrow alleys that give the place an old charming atmosphere, making Fisherman’s distinctive from other places around Koh Samui featuring rustic building stores, a small selection of hotels with trendy restaurants making its only commercial road a little crowded. Recently Fisherman’s Village main road has been attracting visitors from across Koh Samui to shop due to its impressing variety of merchandise and its impressive atmosphere. You will be entertained even if you do not want to buy anything. There is much to see there.

Must See Number Four. Hin Ta and Hin Yai

Hin Ta Hin Yai

On the south coast of Samui, there are some interesting stone formations that attract many tourists. It was discovered many years ago by locals, since then, it has been a fascinating way of making people laugh because these stones imitate art and they look like female and male genitalia. They are known as Grandma (Yai) and Grandpa (Ta) raising some chuckles from visitors. If you want to laugh a little visit these rocks even if you are a serious person, they were discovered to have fun.

Must See Number Five. Koh Tao Island

Koh Tao is 55 kilometers from Koh Samui and has 21 square kilometers around the hilly island and was discovered back in 1980. Koh Tao means in the Thai language “Turtle Island” and has been growing that you can find almost everything for all tastes and budgets. It has from big luxury five-star hotels to beach bungalows with nice restaurants and nightlife places far from the hustle and bustle. So if you are looking for a relaxing place, an idyllic setting, and a tropical paradise, you should invite your friends and pay a visit to this hidden enchanting gem.

Must See Number Six. Wat Plai Laem

Wat Plai Laem

This is a Buddhist temple, the house of Guanyin, a goddess who represents Mercy and Compassion, it is located on Samui’s northeast coast. Guanyin is depicted in this statue with its 18 arms representing the kindness, compassion, and mercy, the religious beliefs of Thailand’s people, as well as Buddhist architecture and art, united in religion that has been an important topic since ancient times. Wat Plai Laem is visited by its devotees to pay homage not only to Guanyin but also to the Buddha who is depicted with some statues around Wat Plai Laem. This temple is surrounded by a lake which gives tranquility to the whole place and if you want to feed the fish, you only have to give a donation to get a bag of food.

Must See Number Seven. Na Muang Waterfalls

Koh Samui’s beauty is not just restaurants and beaches, but other places like Na Muang Waterfalls could be suitable for many people to relax and swim with the whole family. Na Muang is located at 12 kilometers from Nathon Bay southeast. They are two waterfalls providing an excellent escape from the tropical high temperature with their natural pools that make us feel as if we are in a real tropical paradise. Many people think that the pools created out of the pouring waterfalls could have healing powers.

The Secret Buddha Garden is in the inland hills of Koh Samui featuring many collections of statues making the garden an exotic place to observe the jungle with some unusual entities created by Nim Thongsuk, a fruit farmer who started creating these statues in 1976 in his family’s green land and continued creating and sculpting his garden until his death. Here you can see Nim Thongsuk himself accompanied by deities, animals, and humans in different poses performing an activity. Bring your camera and get ready to capture interesting pictures all around the place.

Must See Number Nine. Mummified Monk at Wat Khumaram Temple

Mummified Monk at Wat Khumaram Temple represents the Thai and Buddhist culture. This monk was Luong Pordang who died in 1973 in a seated meditation posture. Since then his body is seen by everyone who visits the temple, for some people it could not be a very pleasant image, but for religious Thais, it represents a reflection of life and death. Thais believe that the death is the beginning to start life in a better place and to be just one step from the nirvana state. Luong Pordang is not the only monk in Koh Samui but definitely the most famous and highly revered for his inspiration to follow and respect the Buddha’s precepts, so it something that we all should respect.

Must See Number Ten. Ladyboy Cabaret

Ladyboy Cabarets are mostly located in Cantara Grand Beach. Maybe this is not the ideal show for many, however, it represents a side of the entertaining nightlife for Koh Samui’s visitors; and what really impress the tourists is that the men look exactly like girls that you couldn’t tell the difference. The shows present mostly popular songs interpretation through lip-synched with fascinating costumes. This kind of shows has been performed for generations; that is why Thai society is really open than any other culture. If you keep an open mind, you will enjoy the show easier! And be a little alerted because ladyboys love pushing visitors to their bar.

Must See Number Eleven. Partying at Pubs, Bars, and Beaches

Most people or revelers are attracted by the nightlife in Koh Samui with its amazing possibilities to have a wonderful night; soft sand beaches, pubs, clubs, and restaurants. Dancing all night and attending Full-Moon parties, as well as Black Moon and Half-Moon festivals.

Must See Number Twelve. Dining at exotic beaches

In Koh Samui, you are really going to find the perfect place for your vacation and dining. It is one of the most astonishing experiences that the majority of visitors look for. Koh Samui’s beachfront offer a variety of fine restaurants from the luxury five-star to the food vendors that are standing in front of the beach. We are going to give you some names but there are plenty of them with different options.

At Fisherman Village in Bophut, you can find “The Beachfront Club” or you can visit “Dining on the Rocks Restaurant” in Chaweng.

Number Thirteen. Get massaged!

Everyone knows that taking a massage is a really great experience, besides if we had a long journey and we want to feel great, especially at the end of the day when we feel the most exhausted, a massage will be spectacular that our body and soul will happily thank us. Do not think twice and call the masseuses ladies and enjoy a Thai massage and if it is raining or before going to bed, it will be much more pleasant, more relaxing, and you will sleep better.

Must-Do Number Fourteen. Head to the sea

In Koh Samui, there are many places where we can enjoy and admire the island, nature, the sea, and the beaches while chilling in a boat. Does it sound romantic? Yes, it is a sunset cruise that you can take on a private tour; catamarans, speedboats, and yacht charter. Bring your camera to be delighted and impressed by the landscapes and have lots of fun!

Must-Do Number Fifteen. Attend a Thai cooking class

Thai Cooking Class

If you visit Koh Samui, maybe your vacation moments are going to last forever, but if you learn something practical, it is definitely going to. What about taking Thai cooking classes? In Koh Samui, there is an institute where all the professional chefs take their classes and of course, you can take classes there too. Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts offers intensive courses twice a day, you can check the calendar online and be ready to invite your friends to taste the delicious dishes you will cook. Return home and surprise your family and friends with the new skills you learned and maybe cook them a professional Thai dinner!

Must-Do Number Sixteen. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Many people visit Koh Samui to enjoy the sports they really like. For them, scuba diving and snorkeling are the best things to do on this wonderful island. Observe a submarine world with an exotic coral life and dive in one of the clearest water. It is really an astonishing experience. In Koh Samui there are tours that you can take to visit the perfect beaches to practice these sports; including Koh Tao Island, Koh Tan, Koh Nang Yuan, Koh Phangan islands which are off Chaweng beach and best suited to practice snorkeling or scuba diving.

Must-Do Number Seventeen. Kitesurfing in Koh Samui

Kitesurfing Koh Samui

In Koh Samui you can find the perfect conditions to practice kiteboarding especially in Hua Thanon and Nathon, as there is no jellyfish, strong waves, or rocks, as well as the absence of speedboats; moreover, you can surf very safely because the water is flat and shallow. You can take kiteboarding classes with professional instructors to get fit and well prepared to enjoy this sport.

Must-Do Number Eighteen. Roading to a mountain top

In Koh Samui, there are many touristic attractions and of course, you need to be selective if you do not have enough time to cover them all. Some popular tours, like motorcycle and jeep safaris, are among the best if you want to enjoy the lesser known spots of Koh Samui from the Grandma and Grandpa Rocks to the highest viewpoints. Take the jeep safari and enjoy the breeze and nature.

Must-Do Number Nineteen. What is special when it rains?

Maybe you are visiting Koh Samui in the rainy season and it has been raining for hours and you need to kill the time, in this case, the best thing to do is visiting a spa to enjoy some treatments like foot or full-body massages. They are so relaxing and pleasurable and you can find them along the island, however, the best massage services are found in spa resorts. A few techniques can relief some muscular ailments and of course, stress.

Must-Do Number Twenty. Take a temple tour

For most people, religion plays a fundamental role in their life; and Asian religions are very ingrained in Thailand’s people, so in Koh Samui, you are going to find many temples that present their beliefs. These temples are amazing touristic attractions for their beauty and religious significance. Here you can visit the best of them; Big Buddha, Wat Rattanakosin, Wat Plai Laem and many others. You have to be respectful and wear appropriate clothes (always cover your shoulders) when entering one of these temples. As you can see, there are plenty of activities in Koh Samui to do and we can give you a hand to make these dreams come true.

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