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Khaosan Road - Boonsiri Office Information

Khaosan Road - Boonsiri Office

Khaosan Road Boonsiri Office: The Boonsiri Bus Services


Boonsiri started on November 15, 2013. Since, they've been known as “Boonsiri high-speed ferry services. As time passed and technology advanced, Boonsiri was keen to elevate the experiences of their travelers. This ambition led to the birth of the Boonsiri high-speed catamaran cruises. Designed for elegance and top-tier comfort, these cruises have become a favorite for many who wish to journey in style.

Now, for those planning to visit or just passing by Bangkok, there's a location that's hard to miss. The Boonsiri office is right in the middle of the city's bustling center. It's really close to Khaosan Road, which is a popular spot many people know about. If you happen to be nearby, you should consider stopping by. Visiting the office gives you a glimpse into how transportation in modern Bangkok has evolved. It's a nice way to see a part of the city's journey.


But Boonsiri's offerings aren't limited to the sea. Their transition to road transportation has been commendable. Boonsiri has launched a new bus service, including air-conditioned bus. This service has quickly gained popularity among city travelers. Many people now prefer the Boonsiri bus when they're traveling from Bangkok to Koh Kood. It's also a great option for those heading to the Trat area, Koh Kood on the list.

Khaosan Road, or sometimes referred to as Khao San Road, remains an essential fixture in Bangkok’s landscape. A bustling haven for backpackers, it's filled with a myriad of shops, nightlife spots, and mouth-watering delicacies. Given Boonsiri's office's proximity, it's the perfect starting point for both road and sea adventures.

From the Boonsiri office, the possibilities are endless. You can embark on high-speed catamaran cruises, be it to Laem Sok Pier or further. If you prefer traveling by land, Boonsiri has got you covered. They have buses that can take you to many places. One of the best things? Their buses are air-conditioned. So, you'll travel in comfort. Plus, if you need to get to Trat Airport, their buses can take you there smoothly. Boonsiri understands the need for comfort in the heat. They offer services to Trat including air-conditioned vehicles, making sure everyone rides in comfort.


The Boonsiri Office is located right on Khaosan Road. It's a place known for making transportation easy, no matter if you want to travel by land with their buses or by water with their boats. This office is like a special spot in Bangkok. It gives you a feel of the city's energy and charm. Plus, when you start your journey from here, you're sure to have exciting and unforgettable adventures waiting for you.

Things to Know:

The Boonsiri office is a short walk from Khaosan Road.

They provide integrated services, connecting to Laem Sok Pier and Trat Airport.

Always in line with comfort, Boonsiri ensures air-conditioned bus services for travelers.

Khaosan is an experience in itself, known for its electric ambiance and cultural treasures.

To ease any travel doubts or make bookings, you can always contact Boonsiri High Speed.

Address : 62 Tanee Road, Bangkok 10200.