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Koh Bulon to Trang

By Bundhaya Speed Boat
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10:00 Koh Bulon, Koh Bulon


1 hrs 30 mins


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11:30 Trang, Koh Ngai Pier


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  • The Speedboat trip is not suitable for pregnant women, children, people with heart or back problems, or other physical impediments.
  • Check in piont: at PanSand Resort / Bulone Resort and take a longtail boat to take speedboat, fare price does not include longtail boat yet.

Trip Information

Koh Bulon: Discover Tranquility in a Tropical Paradise


Step into the magical world of Koh Bulon. Koh Bulon is like a quiet spot in the big blue Andaman Sea. It's a calm place where anyone can come and take a break from all the noise and rush.

From the dock to all the nice spots on the Bulon island, your time in Koh Bulon will be really enjoyable. You can walk on the soft beaches, rest at the Bulone Resort, or look around the fishing village. There's always something fun to do or see.

With nearby attractions like Koh Mook, Koh Kradan, and the famous Phi Phi islands, your journey doesn't just end on one island. You can hop from one paradise to another, each offering its unique charm. So, pack your bags, remember to carry some Thai Baht, and set sail for an memorable adventure!


Tucked away in the shimmering Andaman Sea, Koh Bulon emerges as a concealed treasure among the Thai islands. Whether you're an explorer or a seeker of relaxation, every nook of this island has its unique tale to tell. The Koh Bulon Pier is bustling with energy. It serves as a contrast to the tranquility of its surroundings. It is a welcoming entry into this realm of wonder.

Close by, Koh Bulon Lae (sometimes spelled Ko Bulon Lae) and Bulon Leh, with their white sandy beaches and fishing villages, offer insights into the daily rhythms of coastal life, creating enriching cultural journeys for travelers. A stone's throw away from Trang or Hat Yai, this island haven is accessible, and the quick sail from Pakbara Pier or Pak Bara Pier sets the tone for the paradise awaiting visitors. Not far from the primary island, Koh Mook, celebrated for its mysterious caves, and Koh Kradan, with its underwater marvels, beckon the adventurous souls.

For those who wish to delve deeper into island life, Bulone Resort offers a slice of luxury amidst nature's grandeur. With the high season spanning from November to April, the vibrant marine life, coupled with the sun-kissed shores, promises unparalleled beauty.

And if you happen to consult a travel guide, they might point you towards Ko Lipe, a nearby gem, or suggest carrying 50 Baht for those unexpected island expenses. Further afield, the allure of the Phi Phi islands remains irresistible for many, with its spirited nightlife and bustling ambiance.

Meanwhile, La Ngu, with its genuine regional charm, offers visitors a chance to witness the genuineness of Thai coastal life. To complete the island-hopping experience, Koh Ngai's powdery sands and crystalline waters serve as an idyllic backdrop for relaxation and exploration alike.ter majesty. Dive deep to meet the animated sea dwellers.


Koh Bulon is such a beautiful place that it feels like time stands still when you're there. The island's natural beauty and calm make everything slow down, and it's like the world outside doesn't exist. When it's time to leave and say goodbye, you'll take a piece of that peace and beauty with you. The memories of the time spent on this island will stay with you, reminding you of the beautiful paradise you once visited. Every time you think back, you'll hear the sounds of the waves and feel the warmth of the sun, as if you were still there. It's a place you'll never forget, no matter where you go next.

Things to know:

Cash Primacy: Ensure sufficient Thai Baht in hand due to scarce ATMs.

Cultural Courtesy: Dress modestly and uphold the island's traditions.

Preserve Beauty: Play your part in keeping the island pristine.

Seasonal Insights: November to April is optimal for pleasant climes and marine wonders.

Speed Boat: Koh Bulon - Beach Jetty

Speed Boat: Beach Jetty - Charlie Beach

Charlie Beach: Your Gateway to the the Andaman Sea


Charlie Beach, located on the beautiful island of Koh Mook, calls out to all visitors. With its soft white sands and tall palm trees, it's not just another beach. It's a special place that takes you into a world of tropical wonder.


Stepping onto Charlie Beach is like immersing oneself in a postcard scene. The soft white sand feels nice under your feet. The sound of the palm trees and waves together is like music from nature. Located not far from the city center, it's the perfect escape from the daily hustle, where relaxation meets adventure.

Charlie Beach is also the home to the Sivalai Beach Resort. It is a luxurious haven for those seeking an exquisite stay on Koh Mook. From this point, travelers often rent a longtail boat. It’s a traditional wooden vessel, to cruise along the coast or venture to nearby islands.

Often known as Koh Muk, Koh Mook is a small island gem in the vast Andaman Sea. Koh Mook has quiet moments and fun activities. Besides its lovely beaches, you can also learn about the island's culture.

Meeting and chatting with the locals is a big part of the experience. They tell stories, show their traditions, and live differently than in the busy city.

Every corner of the island has something new to offer. In Koh Mook, you can visit markets with fresh food and watch dances at night. It's a real island experience.

Those who've visited Koh Mook often recount tales of its warm people and vivid sunsets. It makes every trip to Koh Mook a memorable chapter in their travel diaries.

The pier at Charlie Beach isn't just a docking point; it's the starting point for numerous adventures. Within a mere 30 minutes, you can find yourself on the neighboring islands, each holding its unique charm.

Koh Lanta is in the middle of the Andaman Sea. It has a mix of lively culture and beautiful nature. Not far from Koh Lanta lies Koh Rok, distinguished by its immaculate white-sand beaches and crystalline waters. Diving enthusiasts often deem this island as a sanctuary.

It offers them a submerged world of corals, caves, and colorful aquatic life. In the same aquatic realm, Koh Cheuk emerges as a snorkeler's treasure trove. Its shallow azure waters are abundant with a mesmerizing array of marine life, from playful clownfish to majestic sea turtles.

Islands like Koh Ma, Koh Phi Phi, and Koh Waen have a lot to offer. For example, many know Koh Phi Phi for its fun nights and great views.

Whether it's the sun setting behind the jagged cliffs or the bustling beach parties, each island holds its special narrative. Lastly, the Trang Islands, comprising Koh Kradan, Koh Ngai, Koh Libong, and Koh Mook, serve as a mosaic of experiences.

Many travelers love the peaceful sunrises of Koh Kradan. In Koh Libong, the local markets have a simple, old-world feel that visitors find charming. Koh Mook and Koh Ngai offer beautiful views of the sea that are picture-perfect. Each island contributes to the rich tapestry of experiences that the Andaman Sea offers to every wanderlust soul.


Charlie Beach on Koh Mook, is a perfect starting point for travelers eager to explore the Andaman Sea. If you like exploring islands or just relaxing on a quiet beach, start at Charlie Beach on Koh Mook.

Things to Know:

Charlie Beach is most vibrant during the high season, between November and April, making it the ideal time to visit.

For travelers interested in island hopping, the pier at Charlie Beach provides easy connection to various islands in the Andaman Sea.

If you have a craving for real Thai food, the small restaurants near Charlie Beach are the place to be. Here, you can find tasty dishes made by locals who know the true flavors of Thailand.

Consider taking a day trip to the nearby Khao Sok National Park. It is a refreshing escape into nature and an opportunity to explore the area's diverse wildlife and scenic beauty.

Those looking for a combination of luxury and nature should consider staying at the Sivalai Beach Resort. It offers stunning views of Charlie Beach.

Speed Boat: Charlie Beach - Koh Ngai Pier