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Koh Tarutao Pier Information

Koh Tarutao Pier

Koh Tarutao Pier: Gateway to an Island Paradise


Koh Tarutao Pier beckons travelers to the stunning wonders of Tarutao Island. The shimmering Andaman Sea, rich green landscapes, and layers of history make this island an unmatched destination.

With every step on Koh Tarutao Pier, the island’s treasures draw closer. Its sparkling waters, dense jungles, and compelling marine life all await your exploration. From this point, a world of nature and history unfolds before your eyes.

Adventure and tranquility find harmony on Tarutao Island. Dive deep to witness vibrant corals. Ride mountain bikes through forest trails. Or sail the blue waters in traditional long tail boats.

All adventures start from Koh Tarutao Pier. If you want some quiet time, you can relax on the calm beaches and listen to the palm trees swaying. Beyond being a mere docking point, Koh Tarutao Pier is your passport to a memorable island journey.


Strategically located on the edge of Koh Tarutao, the pier is more than just a place where boats come and go. The pier serves as a starting point, offering a glimpse of the island's magnificent attractions awaiting exploration.

As soon as you step off at the pier, you'll notice the longtail boats. They are waiting for visitors. The friendly boat operators are there. They are eager to take you on a trip to show the many beautiful spots around the island.

It's like the island is inviting you to explore all its hidden treasures. It all starts right here at Koh Tarutao Pier.

Koh Tarutao is like a comprehensive historical book. When you visit, you'll hear stories about World War II prisoners and political prisoners. It is a significant part of the island's history. But the island is more than just its history.

It also has breathtaking places like the Diamond Cave, which feels like you're discovering a secret treasure. For those seeking tranquility, Mo Lae Bay, with its placid and undisturbed waters, is the ideal refuge. Stories about World War II prisoners and the beautiful places on the island come together. It makes it a special place to visit.

The Tarutao National Marine Park is one of the shining gems in the region. Spanning a vast area, it acts as a guardian to the region's natural treasures. When you go into the park, you see beautiful places right away. There are clean beaches with clear water and big green forests that go on and on.

This varied environment supports a rich diversity. It makes it a haven for both flora and fauna. The park has bright coral reefs with lots of fish and special birds that live there. Everywhere you look in Tarutao National Marine Park, you can see how amazing nature is.

Central to the park's operations are the national park headquarters and ranger stations. These establishments aren't just administrative hubs. They are also centers of knowledge and conservation. The rangers work to safeguard the rich diversity of this side of the island. They make sure the park is safe for all its creatures. They also teach visitors why saving nature is important. The ranger stations also serve as points where visitors can get information.

A 4.4 kilometers long road from the pier brings you to Ao Son Bay, a picturesque spot perfect for relaxation. Further exploration leads to the mesmerizing Lu Du Waterfall. The traditional long tail boats, available for around 200 baht, offer unique experiences. It allows visitors to explore areas like Crocodile Cave.

Traveling from Koh Tarutao to Hat Yai is an easy experience. It combines the charm of a ferry ride with the convenience of road travel. First, board a ferry from the tranquil shores of Koh Tarutao.

Then, you glide across the Andaman Sea. And you enjoy views of the coastline. Upon reaching the mainland, transition to a comfortable minivan waiting to whisk you away to the bustling city of Hat Yai.


When people leave Koh Tarutao Pier, they remember the pretty Mo Lae Bay and the old World War II stories. The pretty sea and the island's stories will always make you think about Koh Tarutao. Many visitors say they will come back.

Things to know:

Best time to visit is during the dry season, from November to April.

Renting mountain bikes at the pier can be an eco-friendly way to explore the island.

While this beautiful island has ATM facilities, carrying cash can be handy for small purchases.

From the pier, you can also go to Ko Lipe, which is another beautiful place to visit nearby.

The largest island in the Tarutao National Marine Park area is Koh Tarutao itself.

Respect local customs and the environment. Especially when visiting places of historical significance.

Address : Tarutao National Park, Tambon Koh Tarutao, Amphoe Mueang Satun, Satun Province, 91000 Thailand.