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Langkawi to Koh Lipe

By Bundhaya Speed Boat
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10:00 Langkawi, Kuah Jetty


1 hrs 30 mins


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10:30 Koh Lipe, Pattaya Beach


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Cancellation Policy

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Things to Know

  • Please arrive prior to your trip's departure time no later than 1 hour 15 minutes for the domestic trip and 2 hours for the international trip (from/to Langkawi). If you are too late, your ticket will expire and cannot be Refunded and Changed.
  • You can check in with e-ticket on mobile or device. Please make sure you check in with the right operator you booked with.
  • Time stated is only for estimation. The actual time schedule is subject to change without prior notice due to unpredictable weather conditions and fortuitous events.
  • The price does not include entrance fee (if any), any additional fees and surcharges.
  • Each passenger is allowed baggage shall not weigh more than 20kg.
  • IMPORTANT: If one way ticket was used or the date and time specified on the ticket passed already, it cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  • Connecting Flights: The Company is a point to point carrier and we do not take responsibility for delays or connecting flight.
  • No pets allowed.
  • INFANTS are NOT allowed on speedboat.
  • The Speedboat trip is not suitable for pregnant women, children, people with heart or back problems, or other physical impediments.
  • Check in piont: Kauh Jetty (Level 1 – Lot1, Jetty Point Kauh 07000 Langkawi, Kedah). Please look for Bundhaya Speedboat sign.
  • The Departure time and Arrival time are domestic times for each country.

Trip Information

Kuah Jetty Langkawi: Your Entry to Langkawi’s Marvels


Step onto Kuah Jetty Langkawi, the vibrant entry to Pulau Langkawi, a gem off Malaysia’s west coast. Nestled in Kuah Town, the heart of Langkawi, this lively pier is your gateway to the island’s myriad wonders.

Kuah Jetty is located on Langkawi Island. It greets visitors with warmth. Its prime position marks it as a crucial hub for recreation, commerce, and endless fun. From here, dive into Langkawi’s intricate tapestry of experiences.


Serving as the first connection between Langkawi and mainland Malaysia, Kuah Jetty offers more than just a landing. When you arrive, you can smell the Andaman Sea. It lets you know you're at the island. Jetty Point, adjacent to the pier, buzzes with life: explore stalls serving delectable local treats.

Close by, there's an amazing place called the Langkawi Sky Bridge. To get to this bridge, you can take a cable car, which is quite an exciting experience on its own. Once you're on the bridge, you can see beautiful views all around you.

The scenery from up there is truly breathtaking and offers a wide view of the surrounding beauty. Near the jetty, stores, particularly duty-free shops, display an assortment of local handicrafts and renowned international labels. Ascending from the backdrop, Gunung Raya looms as the island’s majestic peak.

Kuah Town Langkawi, integrated with the jetty, immerses you in island traditions. Eagle Square stands tall, a reflection of Langkawi's storied past. Wander around the town, embrace its charm, and great views of the Telaga Tujuh Waterfall. For Kuala Lumpur residents, this is a tranquil escape.

At Kuah Jetty, shoppers can find many duty-free shops. Nearby, there are spots where you can dive and see lots of marine life in national parks. And if you're looking to relax, the beach at Pantai Cenang is a peaceful place to visit.

From Kuah Jetty, Koh Lipe in Thailand is very close, beckoning for exploration. Furthermore, the shores of the Andaman Sea, particularly near Pantai Cenang, assure moments of pure bliss.

For night fans, Kuah Town’s nightlife vibrates with energy. As the sun sets over the Andaman Sea, the bars around the jetty come alive. Here, one can relax post-adventures and sip tropical drinks.

Next, Kuah Jetty's ferry can take you to places like mainland Malaysia or Koh Lipe in Thailand.


Kuah Jetty isn’t just an entry point. It’s the entry point to Langkawi’s treasures. From culinary delights in Kuah Town to adrenaline-packed adventures atop the Langkawi Sky Bridge, your journey starts here!

Things to Know:

Duty-Free: Kuah Jetty offers great duty-free shopping.

Island Expeditions: Use Kuah Jetty as your springboard to gems like Koh Lipe in Thailand.

Skyward Gaze: The cable car ride to Langkawi Sky Bridge promises adrenaline-packed vistas.

Natural Beauty: Explore the Telaga Tujuh Waterfall and the surrounding national park.

Cultural Footprint: Eagle Square highlights Langkawi’s heritage.

Speed Boat: Kuah Jetty - Pattaya Beach

Explore the Splendor of Pattaya Beach on Koh Lipe


Dive deep into the wonders of Pattaya Beach, nestled in the breathtaking Koh Lipe island. This haven is a harmonious blend of clear turquoise waters and glistening golden sands. Whether you're yearning for tranquil moments under the sun or seeking thrill-filled adventures, Pattaya Beach promises an memorable experience.


Contrary to its name, Pattaya Beach isn't located in Pattaya but rests on Koh Lipe. There's a beach road with lots of bars and restaurants. It leads to the sandy beach where people can have fun or relax. As the high season approaches, the beach transforms, with jet skis cruising the waves and beach resorts bustling with visitors.

Koh Lipe, often referred to as the "Maldives of Thailand", is a small island surrounded by the vast Andaman Sea. Known for its beautiful beaches like Sunrise Beach and Sunset Beach, it's also home to a lush national park. The nearby islands, including small islands, are perfect for day trips. On the other hand, the Jomtien Beach offers a nice view and a change of scenery.

The Pattaya Beach pier is more than just a docking point. It's a portal to an array of captivating destinations that are just a boat ride away.

Firstly, Ao Nang beckons with its dramatic limestone cliffs that rise above the azure waters. As the sun sets, this beautiful beach locale comes alive with a nightlife that rivals the shimmer of its daytime beauty. If tranquil serenity is more your speed, consider the twin paradises of Ko Kradan and Ko Ngai. Both islands are emblematic of pristine beauty, where the clarity of the waters rivals the purity of the skies above.

Koh Phi Phi
is a lively island that's perfect for adventure seekers. Its beaches are always buzzing with excitement. People from all over come to try fun water sports like jet skiing and parasailing.

But it's not all about the action. There are also quiet spots where you can lie down, feel the sun on your face, and just relax.

Koh Lanta
is another beautiful island, offering a balance of fun and calm. Its shores are filled with visitors eager to dive into thrilling water activities. However, just like Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta also has its peaceful corners. Here, you can find the perfect spot to enjoy the sun and the soothing sounds of the waves.

In contrast, Ko Yao Noi offers a gentle embrace for the soul. This island retreat whispers of solitude and serenity, making it an idyllic spot for meditation and relaxation. If you're planning to visit the famous Krabi province, there are two main ways to get there.

One is by flying into Krabi Airport. The other is by going to Klong Jilad Pier. Both places give you a special view and feel of the area's beauty. It's like getting a sneak peek of the wonderful sights you're about to see.

Crossing borders, Langkawi, Malaysia's treasured island, is within reach. Known as the "Jewel of Kedah", it melds stunning natural landscapes with a tapestry of cultural tales and traditions. Back in Thailand, Phuket reigns supreme as the go-to island hotspot. If you arrive at Phuket Airport or come by boat to Ao Po or Rassada Piers, you'll find lots of things to do. There are busy markets and famous temples to visit.

Adventure fans will find their heart's calling at Railay Bay. Rock climbing enthusiasts challenge the imposing limestone crags. Beach lovers are treated to panoramas that seem painted by the gods.

Trang is a place you can reach by flying to Trang Airport or going to Had Yao. It has special places not many know about and cool things to see. Everyone who visits will have a special time..


In essence, Pattaya Beach is a vibrant mosaic of experiences waiting to be explored. This beach has a lot to offer. You can learn about its culture, enjoy the natural beauty, or visit nearby places.

It's a great spot to make special memories. Dive into the heart of Koh Lipe and experience a world where adventure, relaxation, and beauty converge.

Things to know:

Walking Street: Pattaya Beach's vibrant stretch, filled with shops, bars, and restaurants.

Central Festival Pattaya Beach: A must-visit shopping haven for all beach-goers.

Castaway Resort Koh Lipe: Highly recommended for a luxurious stay.

Review Genuineness: Always ensure you consult platforms that perform checks on reviews before making any reservations.

Sun Protection: The tropical sun can be intense; don't forget your sunscreen and protective gear.