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Bangkok to Koh Chang: Your Complete Travel Guide | Ferry Samui

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Embark on an Memorable Journey from Bangkok to Koh Chang

Koh Chang

Nestled in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Chang emerges as a breathtaking destination, boasting pristine beaches, lush jungles, and a serene atmosphere that captivates every traveler.

If you're looking to get away from Bangkok's busy life and dive into the peaceful island vibes, heading to Koh Chang is an adventure just waiting for you.With options ranging from high-speed ferries to swift speedboats, and even daily flights from Bangkok to Trat airport, navigating the waters and skies from Bangkok to Koh Chang has never been easier or more comfortable.

Staying informed about these aspects ensures a safe, enjoyable, and memorable trip to one of Thailand's most cherished destinations. Whether you leave Bangkok via the bustling streets of Khao San Road or the modern terminals of Suvarnabhumi Airport, the journey to Koh Chang offers a blend of adventure, convenience, and the promise of relaxation upon arrival.

Bangkok to Koh Chang Schedule and Pricing

Thanks to the services provided by Boonsiri High Speed Ferries, travelers can seamlessly transition from the vibrant streets of Bangkok to the serene shores of Koh Chang. Operating daily, these ferries ensure that your journey to paradise is nothing short of spectacular. From Suvarnabhumi Airport, tourists can either take a direct flight to Trat airport, or opt for the air-conditioned buses from Bangkok that make the journey a breeze.

Departure Details:

Setting off from the vibrant streets of Khao San Road in Bangkok, Boonsiri High Speed Ferries provides a comprehensive combined bus and ferry service, ensuring a smooth and coordinated journey to the idyllic shores of Koh Chang. Departing promptly at 07:00 AM, the journey begins with a comfortable bus transfer from the bustling hub of Khaosan Road to Trat's Ao Thammachat Pier.

Here, travelers smoothly move onto a ferry, which then swiftly carries them across the water to the peaceful paradise of Koh Chang. This Thoroughly arranged service guarantees a straightforward and stress-free passage from the urban energy of Bangkok to the serene beaches and lush landscapes of the island, embodying the essence of hassle-free travel from cityscape to seascape.

Pricing Information:

The journey to Koh Chang is streamlined and budget-friendly, thanks to a comprehensive ticket that encompasses both the bus transport from Bangkok and the subsequent ferry crossing. This bundled approach not only simplifies the travel process but also presents an attractive value proposition, with ticket prices starting from just 895 THB.

It's important for travelers to note that these prices are subject to change and can fluctuate depending on the time of year, reflecting seasonal demand and functional costs. By offering a combined ticket to Koh Chang, the service aims to ease the planning and execution of your trip, ensuring a smooth transition from the bustling cityscape of Bangkok to the tranquil shores of Koh Chang, all while keeping an eye on cost-effectiveness and convenience.

Check-in Instructions:

To ensure a smooth departure, it's recommended that passengers arrive for check-in at least 45 minutes or 30 minutes before their scheduled departure time. You should keep all essential travel documents, such as identification and booking confirmation, ready to present at check-in. Travelers have the convenience of checking in with an e-ticket directly from their phone or another device, streamlining the process and ensuring a quick and efficient start to their journey.

Important Travel Information:

-Seasonal Travel Advice: The best season to travel to Koh Chang is during the dry season, which spans from November to April. This period is perfect for exploring Koh Chang's diverse landscapes, from its rainforests and waterfalls to its stunning coastlines. Activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and hiking are particularly enjoyable during this time, thanks to the favorable weather conditions.

- Amenities: The bus offers air conditioning, along with complimentary snacks and drinks for a comfortable journey.

- Luggage Guidelines: Travelers can take advantage of a generous luggage allowance, ranging from 20 to 30 Kg, making the transfer from Bangkok to Koh Chang, or nearby islands like Koh Mak and Koh Wai, much easier. You should declare oversized items or special equipment in advance.

- Connectivity: For those traveling from afar, including from Suvarnabhumi Airport, Boonsiri offers an integrated bus service to Ao Thammachat Pier, ensuring a seamless connection to your speedboat service or ferry to Koh Chang and other destintion like Laem Ngop Pier in Koh Mak.

- Transport: Familiarize yourself with local transportation options like songthaews (shared pick-up truck taxis or songthaew), especially if you plan to explore the island extensively.

- Cash: While many places accept credit cards, having cash on hand is essential for small purchases, local markets, and in areas where ATMs might be scarce.

Traveling from Bangkok to Koh Chang ferry is an experience filled with anticipation and excitement. To enhance this journey, passengers should remember to consider luggage restrictions, seasonal changes that may affect schedules and prices, and follow the safety guidelines provided by the ferry operator.