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Phangan Island to Surat Thani Airport Ferry | Phangan Island to Surat Thani Airport Speedboat

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From Koh Phangan to Surat Thani Airport

Surat Thani Airport

From Koh Phangan to Surat Thani Airport: Island to Airport


Embark on a scenic journey from Koh Phangan to Surat Thani Airport, a vital hub in the Surat Thani Province. This guide will navigate you through this popular route, offering insights into the best travel options and attractions.

How to Get to Surat Thani Airport (URT Airport)

Your adventure begins at the pier in Koh Phangan. Traveling from Koh Phangan to Surat Thani is a common route for tourists. The most convenient way is to take a ferry from Koh Phangan to Surat Thani and then transfer to the URT Airport. There are several ferry services available, offering a comfortable and scenic journey across the Gulf of Thailand.

where high speed ferries are ready to whisk you away to Surat Thani. On arrival, you can easily transfer to Surat Thani Airport, also known as Surat Thani International, to catch your flight or connect to the Surat Thani Train Station for further travel.

Things to Know About Surat Thani Airport

Surat Thani Airport, serving as an international gateway to the region, offers a range of facilities and connections to various parts of the Surat Thani Province, including the vibrant Surat Thani City and the historical Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Things to Do in and Around Surat Thani Airport

While in Surat Thani City, immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting bustling markets and serene temples. The city's proximity to both the airport and the train station makes exploring surrounding areas like the Nakhon Si district effortless.

From the lively Thong Sala pier in Koh Phangan to the bustling Surat Thani International Airport, your journey is filled with cultural experiences and scenic beauty, showcasing the best of Surat Thani Province.

Essential Travel FAQ

How many operators offer services on this route? 0 operator(s) is/are offering services on this routes.

How many departures are offered each day? 0 departure(s) per day.

At What time the first trip of the day leaves ? The first trip leaves at 8:00 AM.

At What time the last Trip of the day leaves at ? The Last trip leaves at 2:30 PM.

How long is the shortest Trip Time ? The shortest trip time is 3 hrs.

What is the Price for this trip ? The lowest Price per person is 950 THB.

LiVa Tips: Five Tips for Travelers on This Route

Explore Thong Sala: Before your ferry, take some time to explore the vibrant Thong Sala area in Koh Phangan.

Choose High Speed Ferries: Opt for high speed ferries for a faster and more comfortable trip to Surat Thani.

Discover Surat Thani City: While in Surat Thani, take a day to explore its unique attractions.

Utilize Surat Thani Train Station: For onward journeys, consider the train station for a scenic route through the province.

Stay Informed About Local Transport: Keep up with local transport schedules, especially for connections to Surat Thani International Airport.

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