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Samui Island to Bangkok Ferry | Samui Island to Bangkok Speedboat

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How to get from Samui Island to Bangkok


From Koh Samui to Bangkok: Your Ultimate Travel Guide


Embark on a mesmerizing journey from the idyllic island of Koh Samui to the dynamic cityscapes of Bangkok. This guide delves into the most popular routes, including insights into the best ways to navigate from Samui to Bangkok, ensuring a memorable experience.

How to Get to Bangkok

Traveling from Koh Samui to Bangkok offers scenic routes, particularly when opting for the Koh Samui Ferry. This popular choice provides a picturesque view of Thailand's coastline. High-speed ferries also connect to neighboring islands like Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, making for an exciting detour. Upon reaching the mainland, continue your journey to Bangkok, with Don Mueang being a key stop for many travelers.

Things to Know About Bangkok

Bangkok, known for its vibrant culture and history, is a stark contrast to the tranquility of Koh Samui. From the bustling streets to the culinary delights, Bangkok from Koh Samui presents a diverse experience.

Things to Do in Bangkok and Around

Explore ancient temples, bustling markets like Chatuchak, and enjoy a cruise on the Chao Phraya River. Bangkok's proximity to Don Mueang offers additional travel opportunities, bridging the gap between traditional and modern Thailand.


The transition from the serene beaches of Koh Samui to the lively streets of Bangkok represents one of Thailand's most popular routes. It's a journey that encapsulates the country's diversity and beauty.

Essential Travel FAQ

How many operators offer services on this route? 1 operator(s) is/are offering services on this routes.

How many departures are offered each day? 2 departure(s) per day.

At What time the first trip of the day leaves ? The first trip leaves at 8:00 AM.

At What time the last Trip of the day leaves at ? The Last trip leaves at 8:30 PM.

How long is the shortest Trip Time ? The shortest trip time is 12 hrs 15 mins.

What is the Price for this trip ? The lowest Price per person is 1,450 THB.

LiVa Tips

Ferry Options: Explore the high-speed ferries for a quicker journey from Koh Samui, including routes to Koh Tao and Koh Phangan.

Advance Bookings: Secure your spot on the Ferry Samui website, especially during peak travel seasons.

Weather Considerations: Choose the best travel time, keeping in mind the weather on both islands and in Bangkok.

Cultural Insights: Respect the diverse cultures and traditions encountered from Koh Samui to Bangkok and beyond.

Explore Beyond: Use Bangkok's Don Mueang area as a springboard to further explore Thailand's rich landscapes and cities.

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