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Travel from Koh Phangan to Bangkok

Travel from Koh Phangan to Bangkok
27 November 2017

Bangkok is definitely a must-visit destination in your vacation trip to Thailand. This capital city is renowned as one of the most cosmopolitan cities of South-east Asia. It has plenty of interesting places of many diverse types.

Whether you are going for the majestic Buddhist history, for seeing some of the 400 temples available in Bangkok, to navigate in one of the many canals designed in the Chao Phraya River; looking for the Royal Palace, interested in the modern commercial malls, or maybe the street markets full spices and food; this city will totally get stuck in your mind forever.

Bangkok mixes the oriental and occidental world very well that you won’t believe it. It is amazing how you can find a cluttered street of typical spicy food and in the next one, all you have is American-styled bars and pubs to grab a cold beer.

From Koh Phangan to Bangkok

At the very first moment you decide that Bangkok is absolutely going to be your next destination; some doubts may come to your mind. You may get confused about which route or which transportation way is the most suitable for you. The main thing you should know is that there is no straight way to get from Koh Phangan to Bangkok, which means you will need to combine at least two different transportation options to get there.

Luckily, there are many options available to roam you between the two places; it all depends on your schedule, budget, and of course the time you are willing to spend traveling.

Flights, buses, trains, and ferries are what you’re going to choose from. A thing we can ensure is that this trip is going to be long but exciting and totally worth it!

Travelling by plane

It is a fact that taking a flight is the least hassling of all the other alternatives, however, it is definitely the most expensive as well. Buying an airplane ticket can cut off up to 5 hours of traveling time, but you should know that there is not a scheduled flight from Koh Phangan to Bangkok as Koh Phangan doesn’t have an airport. So, you will need to take another transportation to take you to one of the nearest airports on its nearby islands. These are your options:

  • » The most comfortable option is to take a ferry straight to Koh Samui and then board an airplane from Koh Samui Airport to Bangkok. Keep in mind that Bangkok Airways offer this service several times each week. Be sure to check the schedule and plan accordingly, as some of these flights depart at late night.
  • » Air Asia also offer flights from Surat Thani Airport. However, getting from Koh Phangan to Surat Thani can be a little bit complicated, it will take at least 5 hours and you will need bus and boat services. Luckily, some local agencies already sell these joint- tickets to make your trip easier.
  • » Airlines like Nok Air and Thai Airways also have flight services to Bangkok from airports near Koh Phangan. All you need to do is pick carefully the way you are going to get to the airport, get yourself on the plane, and Bangkok will be waiting for you.

Hua Lamphong Train Station

By Train and Ferry

This option take longer than the first one, but in both train and ferry all the commodities are ensured and you will be able to enjoy the landscapes by sea and land until you get to your destination.

  • » A trail ride to Bangkok is an interesting and cheaper option. First of all, you will need to catch a ferry from Koh Phangan to Chumphon where the train station is. You can choose between first and second class or the night train too.
  • » Sleeper trains are also a good alternative, as it is a long trip. In this train, your table and seat can be turned into a bed to spend the night.

    Take a boat from Koh Phangan Pier straight to Surat Thani. Public transportation or taxies can take you to Surat Trail Station, where more or less than ten trains depart at different times.

About bus and ferry

Taking prices and time into account; the best combination to travel from Koh Phangan to Bangkok is undoubtedly the bus and ferry. From Koh Phangan all you have to do is take a ferry to either Koh Tao or Surat Thani, it is up to you. After that, you will be able to pick one of the many bus agencies available in both places. No matter which one you select, they are safe to use and always arrive on time.

There are various additional services that will depend on the operator and the package you choose, such as Wi-Fi and meals. Also, you can find some discounts offered on joint bus and ferry tickets.

If you are into online booking, Ferry Samui is the perfect option for you. As we’re always working hard to bring you all you need to have an unforgettable trip without worrying about things we can easily solve. Here, we don’t only provide ferries and fast boats, Moreover, we can also arrange taxis and shared mini-van shuttle transfers.

Additionally, we offer flexible schedules in order to offer you a variety of options, so you get to pick the most suitable one based on your preferred location, time, and budget.

So, here is our schedule!

Ferry Trip

  • » The first ferry departs from Thong Sala Pier, Koh Phangan to Chumphon. From there, a bus will be waiting for you to take you to Bangkok in 8-9 hours. The trip length is approximately 12 hours. This itinerary is available departing at 8:30 am to arrive in Rambuttri Road, Bangkok at 20:30 or departing at 13:00 to get to the amazing Bangkok at 00:30.
  • » Also, there is a ferry sailing from Thong Sala Pier, Koh Phangan at 12:30, it goes straight to Donsak Pier. This trip takes 3 hours but, it is available only for foreigner tourists; Thai travelers are not allowed to use this specific service based on local regulations. In case you fit the criteria, take this ferry and after that, a bus will lead you to Bangkok in 12 hours. Total time of this trip is 17 hours. Yet, it is cheaper than the first option.
  • » Another option is to take the ferry at 13:00 in Thong Sala Pier and sail to Donsak Pier, which takes 2:30 hours, and once you’re there; you will continue the trip by a bus from Donsak Pier to Khaosan road, Bangkok, which takes approximately 15 hours. For your information, there are no restrictions for local passengers in this ferry.
  • » If you’re looking for a night trip, you should take the ferry boat at 13:00 from Thong Sala Pier, Koh Phangan. This one will take you to Donsak Pier in 02:30 hours, then immediately take the 14 hours trip by a VIP bus to Bangkok. On the road, you could use the time to upload your trip pictures using the available Wi-Fi connection and enjoy some food as well.

Keep in mind that the mentioned options and departure times may change; as they depend on the date and season you are traveling in. However, here in Ferry Samui, we update our schedules daily, so you can choose the most convenient for you.

Once I am there, what can I do in Bangkok?

This exotic city has plenty of attractions that claim for the attention of travelers all over the world. Bangkok is a crowded city; in round numbers, more than 8 million people live there, and lately, it has been the focus of many tourists. Nevertheless, this fascinating city has space for everyone!

Different from other destinations near Bangkok, this peculiar gem in Southeast Asia is a developed city so you won’t have to face any trouble in order to find a decent hotel nor a restaurant to have lunch or dinner. Whether you prefer luxurious five stars hotels or simple little hostels; there are plenty of both there. Its official language is Thai but, given the fact that the area is so frequented by foreigners, English has become a common way of communication.

Bangkok is also called Krung Thep, which means “The city of the angels”, this urban area is the center of convergence of tradition and modernity. Actually, when we say that Bangkok has something unique for each visitor, we are very far from lying.


Here is our Top 5 list of spots to visit in Bangkok

Visit the Grand Palace it is almost impossible to describe how majestic this place is. Its astonishing architecture is one of the most important cultural symbols of Thailand as it combines multiples colors, buildings, sculptures, and temples together. It used to be the royal residence; but nowadays, it is only used for particular ceremonies, which makes visiting it something common. It opens every day unless a ceremony is held inside.

Additionally, there are three Buddhist temples near the Grand Palace you must not miss. The main one is the Wat Phra Kaew or Emerald Buddha Temple it hosts an impressive Buddha image thoroughly sculptured in a single piece of green jade; also, this Buddhist temple is the most revered of the whole country. Wat Pho has the biggest reclining Buddha and there’s the magical Wat Arun that is located on the other side of Chao Phraya River.

Meet the Asian Venice the Chao Phraya River was one of the most important transportation routes in the city. Based on the many channels it had, the city won the name of “The Venice of Asia”. Locals named them Bangkok Klonks and they still use them in these days, they are fewer because most of them were replaced by streets but, you can find some and pay for a ride in a “Taxi-boat” to tour around the city. Also, the floating market of Amphawa is, as its name explains, into the channels. It is actually not the only one but the most important.

Get lost in Khaosan Road if you have watched movies like “The Beach” and “The Hangover” you definitely know this street already, it is a 500-meter long street full of everything you can imagine! From cheap hostels to restaurants that sell all type of food, bars, tattoo studios, souvenirs shops, ambulant vendors, fortune tellers and more are part of this mind-blowing street. It has gained so much popularity that it has been expanded to 4 streets around. Even if you don’t plan to rent a room there, you absolutely have to take a look at this chaotic interesting place.

Dive into the markets since we’re talking about the must-visit places; there are a couple of markets that totally fit in this category. The first of them is Chinatown which is the biggest Chinese community on the area; during the day this authentic group of streets is crowded with vendors that offer large potpourris, gold, herbs, fruits, and spices.

When the night arrives, Chinatown is a fantastic spot to have dinner, from formal restaurants to improvised food stalls you will delight with all the 100% Asian food that is cooked daily. On the other hand, Little India is also a frequent spot for visitors; an easy access to this market is through a taxi boat from the Chao Praya River, just ask for Ratchawong harbor and you will find it in no time.

Day and nightlife throughout the day, there are many activities to enjoy and get to know the city. Sanam Luang Park is located next to the Grand Palace; surrounded by more than 350 tamarind trees, this park is often frequented for leisure but, its mains attractive is the interesting rituals that are practiced there like the crematory act of royal family members. Lumphini Park is the biggest one of Thailand’s capital city, it is often compared with New York’s Central Park and it is perfect to practice some sport or simply breathe some fresh air.

This fantastic city has some museums such as The National Museum, The National Gallery Museum, and The Bangkok Dolls Museum. Modern malls are also visited spots in the area and; by night, the city goes out to party, plenty of bars and discos are open until very late to let you end up your day in an unforgettable way, just don’t try to imitate some movies we have all watched!

In case you have some doubts…

Our services are specially made to bring you the very best quality you absolutely deserve. This fact is also present in our web pages. They are designed thinking about you and your comfort. All we want is to make the planning and scheduling process of your vacation trips something very light. This is why, in our common questions section, we try to solve all your concerns and worries; so, what remains to you is to choose and enjoy.

In advance, we can ensure you that all the services you book through our pages have the highest quality standards. Also, a big part of the float is very new and is in extremely good condition. By buying your ticket with us, we strictly care about your personal information so; it will not be published somewhere else under any circumstances. To sum up, you are receiving the opportunity to live an incredible experience in which you don’t have to worry about almost anything.

Last but, not least, some tips!

There is some extra heads us about Bangkok we have not mentioned yet however, as all we want is to help our customers to have the perfect trip; here they are:

    • » Bangkok can be very sunny and the temperature might be very high and joint with humidity during the day but, from afternoons and nights rain can be frequent and copious so, be sure to always carry an umbrella with you.
    • » If you are more of walking your way kind of person and don’t prefer taking any kind of transportation; be aware that the traffic in Bangkok is really hard, big lights and pedestrian crossing are rarely respected so you will need to be extra careful in order to not get hurt in an accident.
    • » Locals will not ever but, we mean NEVER, tell you the right price at the very first moment. They always try to get some extra money from you so, keep in mind that bargaining is totally fair to use.
    • » In order to get the most from every day in this exotic paradise, you will spend a big part of the day outside. Based on this, taking a substantial breakfast, wearing comfy clothes and footwear and, always carrying a bottle of water with you are keys to enjoying your time to the maximum.

With all that has been said, you are probably now thinking that Bangkok has to be on your must-visit destinations list, and we will be more than happy to be part of the planning process. Let us take care of everything and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any particular doubt.