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Ferry Destination : Kanchanaburi

Located at the junction of two rivers called Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai, Kanchanaburi is a popular town in west Thailand and a part of Kanchanaburi Province. The town heavily displays decades of interesting history and beautiful landmarks. Getting to this town can be done through multiple options. The first option is by train, especially if you happen to be in Bangkok. Various trains depart from Thonburi Train Station in Bangkok and arrive in Kanchanaburi. The second option is more up to the budget, which is taking a bus or minivan. Many... Read More

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Kanchanaburi Information

Kanchanaburi is a destination filled with history and has a lot to offer each one of its visitors. Aside from its intriguingly dark history like the Death Railway built during World War II, Thailand-Burma Railway Center and JEATH WAR Museum, the amazing destination has much more. Kanchanaburi also provides natural sights such as the gorgeous River Kwai and splendid holy temples like Wat Tham Sua and Khmer Temple Ruins. Don’t forget to participate in some activities while you’re there including bamboo rafting, shopping at gemstone village and more.

Kanchanaburi Highlights

  • Wat Tham Sua

    Thailand is full of the most magnificent and interesting temples you can ever see, so it’ll be a shame if you didn’t take the time to see a few. Kanchanaburi’s Wat Tham Sua is everything you look for in a temple and more. The serene atmosphere and the breathtaking view in addition to a giant golden Buddha statue will transport you to a state of mind that you would want to keep for a long time. Wat Tham Sua translates in English as “Tiger’s Cave Temple” which is not to be confused with the Tiger Temple in Krabi. The temple is located on a hilltop, which will take some well-deserved climbing.

  • ElephantsWorld

    ElephantsWorld is one of the few elephant sanctuaries that are truly made for the elephants. It’s a great place for a day-trip and to support as it gives its elephants the ultimate care they deserve. ElephantsWorld is different than some other so-called elephant sanctuaries that separate elephant babies from their mother, treat them poorly, use small cages and other inhumane treatment. ElephantsWorld focuses on giving the elephants the best care possible. This sanctuary offers you the chance to truly have an up-close and personal interaction with the elephants instead of riding them or other harmful activities, you can take pictures, feed the elephants, bath them and much more while being surrounded by a beautiful vista.

  • River Kwai Bridge (Death Railway Bridge)

    River Kwai Bridge or Death Railway Bridge is a beautiful and historic landmark located in Kanchanaburi. Its monumental presence exudes so much history, especially with World War II. Overseen by Japanese forces, The Death Railway Bridge was given this name because of the many men who died during its construction. Other than historical value, the bridge is set on the River Kwai, which is a marvelous river with an amazing view. Surrounding the river there are accommodation and luxurious resorts as well as some wonderful floating restaurants where you can enjoy your mouth-watering meal while treating your eyes to an unbeatable view.

  • JEATH War Museum

    JEATH War Museum is a fascinating experience telling the story of the construction of the Death Railway Bridge by POWs which lasted from 1942 to 1943 under Japanese direction. The name JEATH is derived from Japan, England, America/Australia, Thailand, and Holland, who were the warring countries involved in the railway. The museum consists of 2 sections, the first one displays the construction of the Death Railway while the second one has photos and paintings by and of former prisoners, weapons, tools, maps, drawings and more. The museum is located in Ban Tai, Mueang Kanchanaburi District.

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